The Ancient Astronaut Theory is mentioned a lot in many UFO circles, but what exactly is it?

In short, it is the notion that extraterrestrial visitors came to Earth in the distant past, intentionally or not, shaping human history as they did. However, in truth, and in part because of the sheer speculative nature of the general premise of the Ancient Astronaut Theory, it is an idea and concept that branches off into several different areas, with an equal abundance of different possibilities. And what’s more, investigation into these areas may well lead to other possibilities and conclusions. For example, might we find that what we believe to be “ancient astronauts” right now, might actually prove to be an ancient civilization?

 Imagine if you will…Perhaps, ‘God’ as described in the Hebrew Old Testament, or any Religious God… was not the omniscient, omnipresent God of the universe but instead a crafty, manipulative completely in character alien or extra-terrestrial being…(imagine Rodger from American Dad!) masquerading as God?

Have you ever wanted to study college level courses centered around this fascanating Theory, only to find that there are none? Want to become a certified “Ancient Astronaut Theorist”?

I decided to create a Program myself for those that want to go down the rabbit hole with me into AAT . Donations are gladly accepted and will be used towards the pursuit of my Doctorate Degree in Business Administration, which will help legitamize the Academy!  https://paypal.me/pools/c/8rTV7UOo7f

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Eric Vondaniken is the Jedi Grand Master…lol Only the Promininent AAT’s will be Jedi Battle Masters. THose who complete all three courses will be named Jedi Masters!

Course 110 The Anunnaki Bible: Padawan Learner

Course 201 The Book of Mormon:Jedi knight

Course 301 The Holy Bible: Jedi Master

Coming in September 2024, The Ancient Astronaut Theory Training Academy will launch the Ancient Astronaut Theory Certification Program! It will be will taught online by me from my home office in Queen Creek, Arizona and available worldwide.

I”m still working creating the Course, writing the textbooks, becoming certified to teach in Arizona and completing my Doctorate before launch. Please email grimkillswitch@area420grimkillswitch.com for more information.