If God is an Alien…Then Satan is also…

God and Satan are E.T.’s!

The Devil, also referred to as Satan, is best known as the personification of evil and the nemesis of good people everywhere. His image and story have evolved over the years, and the Devil has been called many different names in various cultures: Beelzebub, Lucifer, Satan and Mephistopheles, to name a few, with various physical descriptions including horns and hooved feet. But this malevolent being—and his legion of demons—continue to strike fear in people from all walks of life as the antithesis of all things good.

The Devil in the Bible

Although the Devil is present in some form in many religions and can be compared to some mythological gods, he’s arguably best known for his role in Christianity. In modern biblical translations, the Devil is the adversary of God and God’s people.

It’s commonly thought that the Devil first showed up in the Bible in the book of Genesis as the serpent who convinced Eve—who then convinced Adam—to eat forbidden fruit from the “tree of the knowledge” in the Garden of Eden. As the story goes, after Eve fell for the Devil’s conniving ways, she and Adam were banished from the Garden of Eden and doomed to mortality.

Many Christians believe the Devil was once a beautiful angel named Lucifer who defied God and fell from grace. This assumption that he is a fallen angel is often based the book of Isaiah in the Bible which says, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations.”https://67f255088f8dd9e89c38c5bc7048f3f0.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Devil Names

Some biblical scholars, however, claim Lucifer isn’t a proper name but a descriptive phrase meaning “morning star.” Still, the name stuck and the Devil is often referred to as Lucifer.

Names for the Devil are numerous: Besides Lucifer, he may be referred to as the Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, Lord of the Flies, the Antichrist, Father of Lies, Moloch or simply Satan.

The book of Ezekiel includes another Biblical passage Christians refer to as proof of the Devil’s existence. It admonishes the greedy King of Tyre but also refers to the king as a cherub who was once in the Garden of Eden. As a result, some Bible translators believe the King of Tyre was a personification of the Devil.

The Devil make more appearances in the Bible, especially in the New Testament. Jesus and many of his apostles warned people to stay alert for the Devil’s cunning enticements that would lead them to ruin. And it was the Devil who tempted Jesus in the wilderness to “fall down and worship him” in exchange for riches and glory.

The Devil in Other Religions

Most other religions and cultures teach of an evil being who roams the earth wreaking havoc and fighting against the forces of good. In Islam, the devil is known as Shaytan and, like the Devil in Christianity, is also thought to have rebelled against God. In Judaism, Satan is a verb and generally refers to a difficulty or temptation to overcome instead of a literal being.

In Buddhism, Maara is the demon that tempted Buddha away from his path of enlightenment. Like Christianity’s Jesus resisted the Devil, Buddha also resisted temptation and defeated Maara.https://67f255088f8dd9e89c38c5bc7048f3f0.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

In people of almost any religion or even in those who don’t follow a religion, the Devil is almost always synonymous with fear, punishment, negativity and immorality.

The Devil and Hell

Perhaps the most lasting images of the Devil are associated with Hell, which the Bible refers to as a place of everlasting fire prepared for the Devil and his angels. Still, the Bible doesn’t state the Devil will reign over hell, just that he’ll eventually be banished there.

The idea that the Devil governs hell may have come from the poem by Dante AlighieriThe Divine Comedy, published in the early fourteenth century. In it, God created hell when he threw the Devil and his demons out of Heaven with such power that they created an enormous hole in the center of the earth.

What Does The Devil Look Like?

In his poem, Dante portrayed the Devil as a grotesque, winged creature with three faces—each chewing on a devious sinner—whose wings blew freezing cold winds throughout Hell’s domain.

The Bible doesn’t describe the Devil in detail. Early artistic interpretations of The Divine Comedy featuring shocking images of the Devil and his demons inflicting almost unimaginable human suffering only emboldened people’s thoughts about Hell and the Devil.

And by the end of the Middle Ages, the Devil had taken on the appearance of the horned, trident-wielding figure with a tail that has endured to modern times.

The Devil and Witches

Fear of the Devil is at least partially responsible for the witchcraft hysteria of Europe and New England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Protestants and Catholics accused many people of practicing witchcraft and making deals with the Devil.

The Puritans living in New England’s early colonies were petrified of the Devil. They believed he gave powers to witches to those faithful to him. This fear gave rise to the infamous Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Puritan’s strict lifestyle, their fear of outsiders and their terror of so-called “Devil’s magic” led them to accuse at least 200 people of witchcraft between 1692 and 1693—twenty of the accused were executed.

The Devil in Modern Times

Religious translations are often controversial. There’s usually some degree of dissent on how to interpret early texts, and texts about the Devil are no exception.

Even so, throughout history, the Devil’s reputation as an evildoer hasn’t changed much. Most Christians still believe he’s literally transformed the world and is responsible for much of the world’s corruption and chaos.

Not all religions shun the Devil, though. People of the Church of Satan, known as Satanists, don’t worship the Devil, but embrace him as a symbol of atheism, pride and liberty, among other things. Another type of Satanists, theistic Satanists, worship the Devil as a deity. They may practice Satanic rituals or even make Satanic pacts.

There’s no shortage of Hollywood films featuring the Devil. He’s been played by some of Hollywood’s elite such as Jack Nicholson, Vincent Price and Al Pacino. And after Mia Farrow’s character gave birth to Satan’s offspring in the horror-flick Rosemary’s Baby, expectant mothers who saw the film wished they hadn’t.https://67f255088f8dd9e89c38c5bc7048f3f0.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

Given the draw of the battle between good and evil, it’s likely the Devil’s influence is here to stay, and he will continue to influence religion and pop culture.

Lucifer, Satan, The Devil, and Beelzebub are names history recognizes and knows as the embodiment of evil. This entity is the most defamed figure in history with famine, war, and disease being his weapons of choice to destroy mankind. What’s strange is an episode of Ancient Aliens uncovers findings that seemingly dispute what we’ve been told about Lucifer.

In the Bible, Lucifer is described as one of the most loved of God’s angels, but he had a falling out with God about man. According to the Bible, Lucifer became arrogant and didn’t agree with God’s plans for man, that he was jealous of man, because God loved man more, and so Lucifer went against God and was cast out of heaven and into hell for his arrogance.

His name ‘Lucifer’ means bearer of light or morning star. It is said that this name was given to him as a reference to his former splendor as one of gods greatest angels. However, Lucifer is Latin for the planet Venus in ancient Roman times. Lucifer or Satan is also blamed for leading Eve astray in the garden of Eden, by influencing her to disobey Gods one rule. Do not eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, which would give her the knowledge of good and evil.

Yet, according to ancient astronaut theorists, that story could be taken too literally. They propose that God wanted to keep Adam and Eve in perpetual innocence. In effect preventing them from growing up and become responsible adults. Eve eating the forbidden fruit woke them up, made them adults enabling them to see their world as it truly was. By becoming adults, Adam and Eve gained the displeasure of God, because he no longer had control of them. So, Lucifer freed Adam and Eve from unending ignorance.MORE FROM HULU

Ancient Aliens’ theorists believe that God and Lucifer were alien travelers that interacted with humans. In fact, if you read a section of the bible Genesis 3:22, it seems to support what the ancient astronaut theorists are saying. “then the Lord God said “Behold, the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil. And now, lest he reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever…”  God evicted Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden forever.

This passage raises the question though. Who is the ‘we’ the Bible talks about?

Greek mythology has a very similar character known as ‘Prometheus’ whose name means forethought. The myth states that Prometheus stole fire from Zeus the king of all gods and gave that fire to humans. He is known as the bringer of light; sound familiar. In effect, Prometheus gave humans the knowledge and tools they needed for survival. When Zeus found out? He supposedly had Prometheus chained to a mountain on earth where an eagle ate his liver every night. So, like Lucifer, Prometheus was cast out of heaven too.

Similarities of Lucifer is also noted in other ancient civilizations. Quetzalcoatl in Mesoamerica and is also known as the plumed serpent. He is known as Kukulkan to the Mayans, Gucumatz to the Quiche of Guatemala, and Ehecatl to the Huastecs of the Gulf Coast. He is considered the god of learning, agriculture, crafts, and the arts. He invented the calendar and is identified with the planet Venus, the rising morning star as was Lucifer.https://www.youtube.com/embed/Uhsgs5996Q4?feature=oembed

Different cultures throughout history have very similar characters. Lucifer was also known as ‘the trickster’ and so is Prometheus and Quetzalcoatl.  Could these characters be the same person? If so, this raises the question about whether Lucifer was extraterrestrial alien and if he is? Would that then mean God was too?

Another source of reference used in Ancient Aliens is the book of Enoch where it states that watchers which are angels were sent to earth to watch over the humans. However, these watchers began to lust after the human women and defected from heaven to settle permanently on Earth.

In the Bible, a very similar story is written in Genesis 6:1-5 “When men began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose.”

This reference in both the book of Enoch and the bible suggests that there was indeed interaction between ancient aliens and humans. In fact, it was mentioned that the leader of the watchers was Azazel and is often identified with Lucifer (bringer of light) or Lumiel (the light of God) and is also affiliated with Shemyaza. It states that there were two hundred of the watchers or fallen angels that descended to earth from Mount Hermon. They were called Nephilim and were a giant race. Very similar to the Titans which was a giant race of gods in Greek Mythology.

In the Quran, Lucifer-Lumiel (Iblis) and rebel angels were cast out of heaven and fell down to earth, not Hell. On earth, Lumiel became “Lord of the world” and in Canaanite mythology, Shahar is known as the ‘lord of the morning star’ and was cast down from heaven for defying the high god El.RELATED STORY: NYCC 2019: Hulu’s possible presentations

Different cultures have the same character or a very similar one which supports what the ancient theorists discuss in this episode of Ancient Aliens. Lucifer was the evil bad guy history reviled but was the bringer of knowledge to humans. In fact, it looks like Lucifer was an ancient alien astronaut who along with his followers took human wives and taught them the ways of their people. All in all, this raises questions about the fabric of our religious beliefs, because that would mean God too was an extraterrestrial.

Do you agree with our panelists that Lucifer wasn’t as evil as first thought? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

This may or may not be news to all you Satanists out there: Satan is an alien. Not an angel, not a god; he is, in fact, an alien. And not only that – despite what Christians, Muslims, Jews and the like have been claiming for millennia, he is actually a GOOD alien. While the evil aliens – ie. God and his cohorts – have been trying to keep us ignorant, naked and freezing cold, Satan and his demons have been trying to help us by giving us knowledge, technology and the all-important fire to warm us and grill our steaks (or tofu). I don’t know about you, but when I started watching Ancient Aliens and they talked about how God, Jesus and all the other deities were actually aliens, it made a lot of sense to me. And if they are aliens, well then of course Satan is one too. A big part of my atheism is that I just can’t bring myself to believe that there is some almighty power that runs everything, when all around us is evidence that we are just cogs in huge, clockwork universe, each being doing its part for the system. All the fuckups around us seem to be directly related to religion, namely human beings thinking that they are not a part of the system, but somehow outside of it. By stepping outside of it, we are literally destroying the entire thing. It makes a lot more sense to me that deities are beings just like the rest of us, with faults and flaws, capable of bad judgement and greed. Anyway, back to Satan – check out this episode of Ancient Aliens, which explains what a rad dude Satan is, and how he is a friendly alien just trying to give us a hand with our shitty lives, battling God-alien to help us better understand the universe.

Studies say the majority of UFO observations are misidentified conventional objects or natural phenomena, but 5 percent to 20 percent are unexplained. However, to conclude that some of these sightings are evidence of intelligent life from other planets is irrational.

The nearest star to our solar system is Proxima Centauri, with an Earth-sized planet detected in 2016, but it is 4.2 light years away. A light year is 5.8 trillion miles, making Proxima Centauri 24.3 trillion miles away.

But are these perceptions of Satan correct? Is he really the master of all things evil in the Universe?

“Satan is portrayed as the enemy of God. Trying to destroy good people, to make good people bad and to keep them from being saved, keep them from going to Heaven so that they can go to hell, where he’s in charge.”

– Henry Ansgar Kelly, Ph.D. (Author, Satan, a Biography)

“Satan has become the catchall for the embodiment of evil. When we think of Satan, I think there are two different ways that our brains can go. The first is this almost comical character that rules over the land of flames, the red guy with the horns and the pitchfork. But then, on the darker side, I think that Satan has become this very, very terrifying, frightening embodiment of evil who causes man to do terrible things, who is the source of torture and death and destruction.”

– Kathleen McGowan Coppens (Author/Researcher),
(Author, The Expected One), (The Source of Miracles),
(The Book of Love)

Lakeland, Florida. 2012. Hundreds of faithful followers congregate at the Ignited Church to witness the removal of demons from those who believe they’re possessed by the Devil.

“The Devil wants to get even. How else to hurt the heart of God to the greatest possible extent but to harm the beloved of his creation? The height of his creation. The thing that God loves most: humanity, human beings, me, you, every single person on Earth.”

– Rev. Bob Larson (Exorcist)

In the ritual known as exorcism, a priest or minister performs a sacred rite in order to confront Satan and drive him back to hell. It is a ceremony that dates back hundreds and perhaps thousands of years and is considered quite controversial, even within the Catholic Church.

“When I’m battling Satan, there are a lot of mind games going on and it’s a bit of a chess match. So, I have to be mentally and spiritually prepared for that.”

– Rev. Bob Larson (Exorcist)

But just who or what is Satan? And why is he determined to corrupt all of humanity? Perhaps the answers can be found in the myths and legends that describe Satan’s ancient origins.

“In the beginning, Satan was one of the angels that was created by God before the physical Universe was created. And there was basically a sphere of angels around God, worshiping God. And Satan at that time was Lucifer or the Day Star. He was the brightest of the angels.”

– Adam Blai (Religious Demonologist)

“Satan is actually one of the archangels. He is one of the high angels, one of the highest ranking, one of the most beautiful, the most beloved. He is beloved of God. He is a bringer of light.”

– Kathleen McGowan Coppens (Author/Researcher),
(Author, The Expected One), (The Source of Miracles),
(The Book of Love)

“When God created man in his image, he ordered all the angels to worship his image in this man. And Satan refused. He says, “Look, they’re mud people. We’re made out of fire.” And I’m not going to do it.” And so he gets kicked out.”

– Henry Ansgar Kelly, Ph.D. (Author, Satan, a Biography)

“He grew arrogant. He began to challenge God. And, for this arrogance, he lost his heavenly position. He was thrown out of the heavens and fell.”

– Jonathan Young, Ph.D.
(Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives)

“When Lucifer was cast down, it was instant and abrupt and total. And he was cast down to Earth to roam here until the end of time.”

– Adam Blai (Religious Demonologist)

Although few references are made to Satan in the Hebrew testament, he is depicted as an opposer or accuser and is generally acknowledged to have been the inspiration for the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

“One of the great stories in the Bible is Adam and Eve in the garden. You know, we have this picture of a beautiful garden scene and Adam and Eve in their innocence just enjoying God and each other in this beautiful creation. And all of a sudden enters Satan in the form of a snake. And he finds Eve close to the one thing, the one law God gave mankind.”

– Pastor Brett Peterson (President, Coastland University)

According to the Book of Genesis, God placed two trees in the garden the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge and forbade Adam and Eve to eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

“Satan convinces Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. And she convinces Adam to do that. And, of course, we see that suddenly their whole personality changes.”

– Patrick Cooke (Founder, The Bible UFO Connection)

“Prior to eating of the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve were sinless. It means that the one law that God gave them they had not disobeyed. Satan himself decided that if he could get them to break that one law, then sin would enter mankind. And when Adam ate, all mankind from that point on has been selfish, prideful and were genetically given the ability and, really, the desire to rebel against authority and thus obtain the knowledge of good and evil.”

– Pastor Brett Peterson (President, Coastland University)

But is this story of Adam and Eve really a fanciful account of how evil entered the world?  Or might there be another, even more profound explanation?

“You can make a case that Eve actually wants to mature. She wants to grow up. God wants to keep us in a state of perpetual innocence, infantility perhaps. Eve decides that knowing everything she can know about this world into which she has been placed is more important even than obeying a particular command of God. The serpent enables her.”

– Kenneth L. Hanson, Ph.D.
(Assoc. Prof. of Judaic Studies, Univ. of Central Florida)

“Satan’s wanting to give humanity all this incredible wisdom that maybe can even elevate humankind to the level of gods. But the Old Testament God Yahweh is saying, “Not so fast. Humankind aren’t perhaps “worthy of this knowledge.” And this becomes then the battle between God and Satan.”

– William Henry (Author / Investigative Mythologist),
(Author, Freedom’s Gate), (The Judgment Day Device),
(Lost Secrets of the Watchers), (The Secret of Sion),
(Egypt: The Greatest Show on Earth)

Was the serpent’s temptation of Adam and Eve really a case of sabotage? Was it a deliberate effort to seduce mankind into sinning against its Creator? Or might Satan’s real purpose have been to encourage mankind to share the fruits of God’s wisdom? Ancient Astronaut Theorists believe more clues may lie in another book of the Hebrew testament.

Southern Israel. This dry, sun-blasted desert was once the realm of Edom an ancient kingdom that some researchers believe was home to the biblical figure, Job. According to the Hebrew Bible, Job was among the wealthiest men in the kingdom, and owned enormous herds of cattle, sheep and camels. He was also among the most righteous, making sacrifices to the Almighty God to atone for his transgressions and the sins of his family.

“In the story of Job, Satan is part of the heavenly council of angels. And then the council meets, and God is at the council meeting. And basically, he and Satan have a discussion.”

– Rev. Barry H. Downing
(Author, The Bible and Flying Saucers)

“And God says, “You know, look at Job. He’s very faithful.” And Satan, in charge of quality control, says, “Well, of course. You know, you give him everything. ‘What do you expect?’”

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