On the Origin of Species (2021) The Theory of Evolution by way of Anunnaki Influence

I ask that you keep an open mind while reading this book. You may disagree. It may make you angry, you may think I’m crazy, and that’s ok. Hopefully though, it awakens your  Pineal Gland, (third eye) on your path to enlightenment. It’s going to be an awesome trip, and well worth your time to read. I pinky-promise. 

Ok, so, here we go I propose the Theory of Evolution by way of Anunnaki influence.

,…dun, dun, dun…(key dramatic music)…

The missing-link in the theory of evolution is Anunnaki Influence

On the surface, this Theory appears to be insane and completely unbelievable.However, Follow the breadcrumbs that I have left inside for a fascinating story reaching from ancient times to modern, and then draw your own conclusions.

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